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Why can\’t China hold the World Cup?



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Mohd Zulakmal, Inventory Supervisor at Panasonic Air Cond. Msia (2016-present)

Originally Answered: China is full of talented sports people. So why is China not in the World Cup?

China I think is like England. They are powerhouse in Asia football, they have many top Clubs that already becoming a major force in AFC Champions League. These clubs produce many top Chinese players that representing China Football National team. But like England they are a flop in International stage. Like China England has EPL, its one of the world top Associate Football League. This League is the home to a numbers of world top football club like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur. These Clubs like Chinese top Clubs are the factory that produce many England’s top players. Unfortunately when it comes to international football stage all these top players from England squad failed to perform as expected and many times too. China National Football team suffered the same problem. The players look formidable when playing with their Club. Trashing many top Clubs that coming from another Asia Football powerhouses like Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Korea in AFC Champions League. But at the end of the day they only look strong when playing with their club but actually very weak when playing with National team. England is the same.



Mike Counts, I played basketball and soccer in high school, water sports in HS and college.

I wasn\’t aware that they couldn\’t. They can deliver quite a venue. Question is, does China have an interest in going for it that way? I don\’t think they\’ve put in bids yet, but that will happen.

Bidding for the 2026 WC happens this year, but countries belonging to AFC/OFC will not be eligible . So as of right this minute, China is not eligible to bid. Maybe table the idea for another four years? I think this could happen, if the general state of pro soccer and player development improves. And even if it doesn\’t improve that much a bid could still happen, although there would have to be guarantees that China will do certain things for the sport on a certain timetable.

You know what could be really interesting? The front-runners for 2030 might wind up being the US (or possibly a joint US-Mexico bid) and China.




Amir Saffari

The cost of investment for a world cup is high and for some country like china that they don\’t have a big league and many fans it would be waste of money. because they can\’t use these new stadiums after the world cup.

If the host of world cup has the minimum infrastructure like transport system, hotels, airport and stadium (like Italy 1990, France 1998, Germany 2006), the government should renovate these but for countries like South Africa 2010, Qatar 2022 and China the government should invest in many things and actually the cost of administration and hosting going high.

Another attractive part of hosting is introducing country to the tourists and world. I think it\’s not interesting for china in a short time after Olympic.



David Perutz, Author

China, India and the US are the three largest countries by population. The US and China have large, well funded, athletic programs that produce world class athletes in many sports. None of these three countries are capable of fielding a world class soccer/football team.


Mark Kappe, Played high school and college soccer. Coached at high school level.

The bidding process to hold a World Cup is scandalously corrupt. That may change since the recent firings at FIFA, or it may not. China would have to decide that they were willing to host a tournament, upgrade their stadia, pay all the bribes, and then stage an event where they would almost certainly not make it out of the group stage.

In fact, I believe that FIFA has changed the rules so that hosting no longer means automatic qualification so I think there is even less impetus for them to host it.



Tri Li, like to watch and know some about football

Their qualities of their national team are not good enough. Dun talk about world cup, they cannot go through in group stage in Asia. They are still behind Japan, South Korea, …


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